Mental CrueltySince 2016 this young 5 piece monster from Karlsruhe, Germany have been carving their own niche, decimating venues across Europe. The resultant hype is raging within the underground.
Following two successful releases of their first EP and first full Length in 2018, Mental Cruelty have have spent the past 3 years perfecting their craft, finding a new focus and brutality unmatched.
With a view to create a record that would last the test of time and stand alone as a genre defining future classic – Mental Cruelty’s latest offering was recorded and mixed by renowned producer Sky van Hoff, famed for his work with Rammstein, Caliban and Kreator.
The resultant album is ‘Inferis’ - a magnum opus of brutality. Mental Cruelty are ready to unleash a new kind of a monster, packed with engagingly heavy compositions that showcase a level of musicianship rarely seen in the brutal genre.
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