Marduk 1990
- Morgan who desires to create the most brutal and blasphemous metal act ever forms Marduk.
- “Fuck Me Jesus” is being released.
- Records but choose not to release the 7” “Here’s No Peace”.
- Plays their first, now considered cult, shows.
- Debut album “Dark Endless” is recorded in June and released during the winter solstice.
- All through the year Marduk performs on various locations in Sweden rapidly adding followers and supporters to their fanbase.
- No Fashion rips the band off badly.
- Sign a record deal with French label Osmose.
- The 2nd fullenght album “Those of the Unlight” is released in October.
- The first Marduk gig abroad takes place at a Black Metal festival in Oslo, Norway in April.
- Quickly there after; during May and June, Marduks first European tour entitled “Son’s of Northern Darkness” is done.
- During falltime the third fullengt album “Opus Nocturne” is recorded and land on the recordshelves by the end of the year.
- European headlining tour “Winter War” takes place in February.
- “Fuck Me Jesus” is re-released as a MCD in April.
- First time on the other side of the Atlantic. Plays one show is Mexico City in June.
- Visit the Abyss for the first time to re-mix “Those of the Unlight”
- Change of studio to the Abyss to record “Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered” in February.
- “Heaven…” is released in June.
- The, up until then, most extensive European tour is being launched in September.
- “Glorification”, a MCD with a remix from “Heaven…” plus covered songs by Bathory, Destruction and Piledriver is released during the tour.
- Attacking Europe again in the spring on the shorter “Legion” tour.
- Releasing a live album recorded on the 1996 “Heaven…” tour entitled “Germania”.
- Play direct support to legendary Black Metal act Mayhem on their re-union gig in East Germany.
- The Swedish label Shadow Records releases ”Here’s No Peace”.
- During October/November Marduk perpetuates the long-awaited precursor of “Heaven…” called “Nightwing”.
- “Nightwing” hit the stores during spring.
- Participates on the No Mercy Festival the week after the album release to support the new record.
- Spearheading the “Black Metal Assault Tour” all through Europe during autumn.
- Enter the studio once again to record the all-blasting “Panzer Division Marduk”
- Tour in Scandinavia, Greece and Japan.
- Participates in numerous festivals during the summer; e.g. Dynamo where Marduk is the headlining act on the Black Stage.
- The MCD “Obedience” is recorded.
- Another 7 week headlining tour is done in the fall.
- Puts out “Obedience” on own label Blooddawn Productions.
- Joins in with Deicide and Cannibal Corpse for a shorter spring tour.
- Ends the co-operation with Osmose.
- Returns to Mexico for a two-week tour.
- Appears on most of the big summer festivals, amongst others Wacken Oper Air, With Full Force and Waldrock.
- Play a 10-year celebration show in hometown Norrköping on Halloween.
- Release the double disc live album “Infernal Eternal” the same night.
- Records Marduk ..7 – “La Grande Danse Macabre” in December.
- Visit the studio again for some miscellaneous recordings.
- “La Grande…” is released on the fifth of March.
- Headline a 31 show European tour.
- Tour the US together with Deicide.
- Headline one of the stages at the Graspop Metal Meeting.
- Assembles and pre-produces the box set “Blackcrowned”
- Play a shorter headlining tour and joins teams with metals heaviest acts on the X-mass Festivals through Europe.
- Forced to cancel US headlining tour.
- Release the box set in February.
- Freddy is dismissed from the band.
- Emil Dragutinovic is drafted as a new drummer.
- Plays With Full Force festival in Germany and Tuska open air in finland.
- Records Marduk fullenght album ..8 – “World Funeral”
- Play direct support to Danzig in Europe
- Co-headline the annual X-mass festivals.
-World Funeral is released during February and is followed by a 31 date European headlining tour.
- In August Marduk headlines the Party San Open Air Festival/Germany
- Morgan records material for a planned 4 track Marduk ep entitled “ Porträtt Av Döda Barn”/Portraits Of Dead Children. A recording that up to this day has remained unreleased.
- During October Marduk do a South American Tour covering new areas as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and A glorious return to Mexico.
- In December vocalist Legion is out of the band.
- During January Morgan records a 3 track Marduk demo entitled Todes Reich together with a drum machine and lays the bass and handles the vocal duties himself.
- Vocalist Mortuus joins the band.
- The DVD Funeral Marches and Warsongs is released during February.
- Headlines the Motala Metal Festival/Sweden in May.
- The Band enter the local Endarker studio for a pre production of the upcoming album, know as the Hastfer Session. Marduk likes the atmosphere in the studio and decides to record the album there.
- B.War is being replaced on the bass by returning long time member Devo.
- Spends the summer recording the new album.
- Headlines the Agglutination festival in Southern Italy.
- Holds a listening session for selected journalists in Hamburg/Germany in September and performs a special concert for them invited.
- New album, fullenght nr 9 named Plague Angel is unleashed upon mankind in late November.
- Marduk headlines the annual Xmas festival package in Europe.
- The band also release a special limited tour ep entitled Deathmarch, which also is the name of the tour.
- The band prepares to continue touring in support of the new album, but is being delayed by drummer Emil Dragutinovic breaking his arm in a fight.
- The band do a triumphant apperance at the Wacken Open Air festival.
- The Deathmarch continues as Marduk is back on the road touring in Europe during late August into September.
- October sees the band finally arriving in Turkey for 3 shows.
- The Deathmarch Tour brings the band back to South/Central America for selected shows in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.
- to celebrate 15 years of Marduk the band releases a limited edition live album entitled Warschau recorded earlier the same year in Poland.
- Marduk headlines the Metalboat festival between Sweden- Finland as well as appearing on the Inferno Metal festival in Norway.
- Imago mortis/A picture of death. Once again Marduk hits the road in Europe for 20 dates of violence.
- During the spring the first four albums are being re issued.
- Marduk returns to Finland for the Nummi Rock Festival and also do some other festivals in Germany and slowakia and finishing of the touring cycle of the year at the Hellflame festival, Osnabruck/ Germany.
- A new massive 2 disc DVD Blood Puke Salvation is released on the 6th of October.
- The band prepares for the recording of studio album nr 10.
- Marduk enters the studio during Dec 2006/January 2007 as well as replacing drummer Emil with Lars Broddesson.
- During February the band returns to Mexico for 3 festival appearances.
- April sees the band touring in Russia and Ukraina.
- During the same month fullenght album nr 10, entitled Rom 5:12 is unleashed and being hailed as the bands greatest album up to date by most of the media and fans alike. The Triumph of Death continues.
- During the summer the band is doing selected festival appearances at festivals as Sweden Rock Festival, Metaltown Festival an the Waldrock Open Air.
- During August Marduk for the first time marches across the continent known as Australia
- In september the band do a handful of dates in Poland as a warm up infor the upcoming European Tour
- November/December sees Marduk doing a crushing 30 date European tour including dates in most Western European countries and also for the first time the band plays the Baltic States.
- The Vanitas 2007/2008 Tour rages on as the band during January hits the Balkan for another 20 dates. Finally Marduk reaches countries as Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria to spread the plague.
- At the begining of March Marduk participates at Europes biggest indoor metal festival, namely the Metal Mania in Katowice, Poland.
- During the same month the band once again return to the shores of South America for shows in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.
- At the end of April the classic albums Germania, Nightwing and Panzer Division Marduk are being reissued with bonus material and improved graphics. 3 albums that for a long time not have been available in most part of the world.
- During the summer Marduk marches across Europe and appears at the following festivals Hellfest-France, Metalcamp-Slovenia, Kaltenbach-Austria, Allience Fest-Portugal and Summer Breeze-Germany
- September sees the band returning to their loyal fans in Mexico for some selected shows.
- Yet another blow is delivered in Europe when Marduk together with Morbid Angel and others are finishing 2008 with a 22 date tour during November/December.
- The band spends the early months of 2009 prepearing and finalizing for the recording of studio album nr 11.
- March sees the band plays the most Northern show they have done so far in Luleå, Sweden at the Trettio Minus Festival.
- Summer 2009 sees Marduk doing the following festivals Stonehell Italy, Lorca Rock Spain and the Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic as well as headlining the Party San Festival in Germany where the band performs the whole Panzer Division Marduk album to celebrate 10 years since its release.
- During the summer the band also enters the Endarker studio recording the 11th studio album to be entitled Wormwood.
- In august the long awaited return to USA becomes a reality. The band did 3 selected East Coast dates. Which marks the bands first visit over there for 8 years.
- The Blitzkrieg tour consisting of 15 shows in Poland takes place at then end of August and into mid September. At the 24th of the same month the 11th studio album Wormwood is let loose upon European soil, followed by its release during the begining of Oct for the rest of the world.
- Marduk embarks on the Funeral Nation European tour consisting of 30 shows from the end of september until the end of October covering the Western and the Southern parts of Europe.
- During November and December Marduk returns to the Shores of North America for a tour entitled US Plague 2009, 26 shows covering most of the States as well as the bands first dates in Canada.
-The Funeral Nation Tour Part 2 begins right after the begining of 2010 as Marduk march across Europe focusing mainly upon the Balkans as well some selected apperances in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Ireland and the UK. Ending in February after 29 shows.
-During April the band goes far north in Sweden to appear at the House of Metal Festival as well as headlining the Inferno Festival in Norway.
-In April the band also marches South, once again returning to the loyal legions of South America and spearheading through Brasil and Argentina. Which is directly followed by a blow in the East as Marduk continues the crusade in Belarus and Russia during late April into May.
-May also sees the band teaming up with Deicide and Vader to do a shorter tour under the monicker Unholy Titans. The package appears at the Metalfest Open Air Festivals in Switzerland,Germany,Austria,Hungary and Czech Republic as well as some club shows in France,Italy,Slovenia and Poland. A two week succesful run that is completed at the end of May.
-During July festivals are being done such as the Hellfest/France, With Full Force and Rockharz in Germany.
-In September Marduk is back on the road for a 3 week tour under the banner The Great Northern War. This time focusing on the Northern parts of Europe and mainly Scandinavia.
-As Marduk celebrates its 20 years anniversary they particpate on the Blackest Of the Black Festival tour in USA. 25 dates together with legendary acts as Danzig and Possessed.
-As 2010 runs torwards its end Marduk in december is the first Black Metal band to do a full Asian tour. The Asian Black Death Redemption 2010 sees the band raising the banner of the wolf in China, Thailand, Singapore And Indonesia.
- During the first month Marduk boards the 70 000 Tons of Metal cruise, a four day festival on the seas and largest floating festival ever. Two additional shows during the same trip, Miami in the USA and Cozumel, Mexico.
- Already in the area, Marduk descends into Central America for shows in Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica
- February – for the first time in many years, the Marduk Legion teams up with Mayhem and Nifleheim for a Swedish ceremony in Strömstad
- March; three new anthems are recorded for an EP set for a spring release
- Headlining show at Walpurgis Metal Days in Germany and Puntpop Festival in Belgium, as part of the spring equinox offensive
- Late May – the three-track EP “Iron Dawn” is unleashed on the same day Marduk headlines Maryland Deathfest in USA. This marks the opening of the “7 Bowls Of Wrath Tour”, consisting of seven shows in seven cities in the US and Canada. The crusade comes to an end with a New York exhibition featuring highly acclaimed artist Oluremi White, displaying his works based on Marduk lyrics.
- European summer festival schedule: Getaway Rock – Sweden, Summer Breeze – Germany, Motorcultor – France, Elsrock Festival in Holland, Mes Huff Festival in Switzerland and the last edition of Hole in the Sky – Norway
- Marduk and Blooddawn Productions terminate its more than a decade long cooperation with Regain Records
- Headlines Firebox Festival in Finland
- Another northwards march – Sundsvall and Luleå in Sweden
- Blooddawn Productions and Marduk sign a long-term deal with Century Media for worldwide collaboration
- “Hatefest Tour”, three weeks of darkness over Europe, takes place during December as part of the “Herbstnebel Offensive” which after more than 220 shows finalizes the touring cycle for the “Wormwood” album
- Endarker Studio is graced with a December visit, for the twelfth Marduk album
- Dominum Maris Baltici – rulers of the Baltic Sea; Marduk performs on the Sweden Rock Cruise between Sweden and Finland
- April; with the impending release of the new album, Marduk plays the first show in twelve years in their hometown of Norrköping, Östergötland. This ushers in the touring cycle for the coming anthem “Serpent Sermon”.
- In cooperation with Sweden Rock Magazine, the limited edition “Souls for Belial” single is released
- The music video for the song “Souls for Belial” is recorded by director Håkan Sjödin
- The “Serpent Sermon World Tour” marches east, a two-week Russian tour in May – playing as far east as the capitol of Siberia on the border to Mongolia. Belarus date cancelled by the government, again.
- “Serpent Sermon” unleashed upon mankind in late May
- Coinciding with the album release, Marduk brings the “Serpent Sermon World Tour” to North America for a month’s worth of dates in Puerto Rico, USA, Canada and Mexico
- Immediately upon the return to Europe, festival dates in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland and Sweden
- August sees the return to their loyal fans in Brazil for a row of dates
- A massive 42-date European campaign in which the band plows through most of Eastern, Central and Western Europe is unleashed in August
- During November, Marduk is presented with a gold reward for having sold over 10 000 copies of the “Souls for Belial” single in Sweden
- Early December – Marduk headlines the Forlorn Festival in the north of Sweden, the hallmark of the end of a year riddled with conquest
- The “Serpent Sermon World Tour” continues in early January with an assault in Australia and the first Marduk appearance in New Zealand
- The following month Marduk returns for a month-long tour in the US and Canada, lasting into mid-March
- Spring and early summer festival gigs: Thronefest – Belgium, Deathkult Open Air – Germany, Dokkum – Holland, Hellfest – France, Rockmarathon – Hungary, With Full Force – Germany, Hard Rock Lager – Estonia and Metaltown – Sweden
- July and August – the war machine trudges through South America with shows in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil
- Returns to Europe and the following festivals: Brutal Assault – Czech Republic, Agglutination Festival – Italy, Summer Breeze – Germany and Metal Mean – Belgium
- September marks the end of Marduk’s 14 years absence from Japan, with seven crushing shows
- “Serpent Sermon World Tour” is finalized with a slew of dates in Sweden during October. Since the release of “Serpent Sermon”, Marduk has now smothered the world with over 170 shows.
- Drummer Lars forced into hiatus due to back/leg problems, F. Widigs fills in
- November, headline show at Black Flames of Blasphemy Festival in Helsinki, Finland – a celebration of the “Those of the Unlight” album which was released 20 years ago, subsequently hailed as one of the most high-profile and iconic black metal album ever
- Marduk ends the year with a storm of iron as the band tramples Europe on a 21-date tour, performing the entire “Panzer Division Marduk” album as well as “Those of the Unlight”. A worthy ending to yet another year under the banner of the wolf…
- Another year of subjugation primed as Marduk performs at Blastfest in Bergen, Norway
To be continued…
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