Mad SinIf you thoroughly look back on the story of MAD SIN it is surprising that the band still exists without any split-up, collective suicide or at least regular internal fights. Founded 1987 by Kfte, who just dishonorable left school, Punk- and Rockabilly- guitarist Stein and four-week-bass-playing Holly, they struggled around with the help of some mates, who organized gigs in several shady bars of berlin. The daily booze was financed through gigs as streetmusicians in shopping-malls, where they played Rockabilly-, Country- and Blues-Songs to get the tourist's money.
Without any suspections about the business MAD SIN signed their first record-contract 1988 with a dubious figur of Hamburgs underworld - the result was an album which became a classic in the Psychobilly scene. Despite of the problems MAD SIN was getting more and more known.
Their travelling brought them also to Holland where they got in touch with the Indie-Label 'Count Orlock' which released their masterpiece 'God Save The Sin'. This record showed for the first time the typical mixture of Rockabilly, Punk Rock, classical Hardcore and a lot of Psychobilly, which became pretty fast the trademark of the quartet. What followed were gigs with Bands like Faith No More, Gwar, Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Meteors and many more, and with their enthusiastic sound, Kftes oustanding stage madness and an explosive live-show that includes firespitters and similar attractions MAD SIN got fans of all kinds on their side.
Because MAD SIN didn't want to live longer on the level of social security they soon forgot all doubts when Polydor lured with an unbelievable mass of cash. As soon as possible they went to Hamburg to the hand over of the money case and short after it to Malta to record an album.The result was 'Sweet and Innocent? ... Loud and Dirty!!!' which was released in August 1998, some airplay and many on open air festivals.
MAD SIN and the Polydor label couldn't get along very well. They thought the band was too excessive and not mainstream enough. To MAD SIN it seemed like a joke when they received another big case of cash from the label, just to leave again. HAHAHA!
But they still had loads of gigs to do and after 12 years they took the step of a second guitarerro. No less than Tex Morton (ex-Sunny Domestosz, ex-Lolitas) and his 59 Gretsch guitar joined the band and brought the MAD SIN sound and their humour to a new level. After this crazy 3 years it was a bit quiet around MAD SIN but not in their private life. Kfte spent every penny for enjoyment and then wrote a hell load of songs to do his side project the DEAD KINGS, a punkabilly band with members of Batmobile, Nekromantix, Klingonz & Milwaukee Wildmen, which was pretty successful.
Holly and Tex followed their Rockabilly roots and with the brother of Holly they founded DUSTY GRAY AND HIS ROUGH RIDING RAMBLERS, an authentic 50s style band with loads of balls. And old Stein? He also had a side project, the UNITED SWINDLERS (members of Frantic Flintstones and Ripmen), and yes - they rocked the house too. But now MAD SIN is back with the hellbilly rocker album SURVIVAL OF THE SICKEST on People Like You Records! They produced 16 killer tracks for the first time between autumn 2001 and spring 2002 in Berlin. The album will see the daylight on the 24th of june 2002.
Tours in europe, US, and Japan getting booked in this moment and fans alll over the world can't wait to get into the madness again and see them play live while they wreck their guts out to the psychotic hellbilly beat of the one and only MAD SIN.
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