Luca MeleMostly known as the front-man in No Assembly Required from the last 15 years.
Luca Mele has released 7 albums with No Assembly Required since 1999.
Luca Mele's debut solo album featured Luca singing and playing acoustic guitar with some hand drums and other instruments.
This 1st CD is experimental, acoustic rock with elements of tribal and monk sounds.
Luca says "This is a concept album, about coming out of dark times and into the light through love. The feeling of coming out of the dark was very euphoric, it was like coming back to life after a very bad near death experience with hell."
This concept is found through out the songs, even in the name of the songs it self. 4 of the 10 songs are named in Sanskrit.
The 2nd Album is a concept album based on a recurring dream Luca has had since he was a child to this day.
The music on this album will feature influences from Rock, Hip Hop and Pop Music from the 80s and 90s era as well as new and modern influences too.
Luca is working along side co producer Voodoo Drew.
This 2nd album will also have features by Jay-R and Twiisted.
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