Low ValueLOW VALUE are a punk rock band hailing from Maribor, which is stationed in Slovenia, EU. We play punk-rock music with some progressive samples! The debut album was released on the 1. October 2005 under the name "The Language Of Stolen Music". It has 12 songs to offer +a bonus track. Go check it out! The story begins in August 2000 (we were quite young then about 14-15 years old), when Timi our former bass player and Malek (rhythm guitar) came across the idea they would like to have a band. Then the band gained lead guitarist Bervar and lead vocalist Kosmacin! Drummer at that time was Miha. Our first place for rehearsal was in his living room! Then we were thrown out because we were smoking and his mother freaked. So we had to find a new, more suitable place to practice! As in all bands members change and we found a new drummer - Grega (nice guy by the way). Kosmacin all of the sudden started to play bass and he's still playing it! Nobody knows where Timi went - maybe he died? Who knows. At that time our name was NO VALUE but with a little browsing on the Internet, we found a Californian and Japanese band called also NO VALUE and we had to change our name into LOW VALUE, which is still used today! We played some concerts with Rojko (former drummer), but problems appeared when he didn't want to play with us anymore, then we were wondering around in a search for a new drummer! Luckily we found one but he already had a band - Caddies if you knew them. We borrowed Medvar from them (no hard feelings guys-maybe they stopped playing because of this)!!! He came into our band in January 2003. With him coming into our band, we changed the whole concept of our music! We started to play faster and more progressive music So theoretically, we exist from January 2003! Shortly after Medvar came into the band we went to studio to record a demo. That was the best week of our short time together, we had laughs, tears and lot of beers. We didn't have enough money with us and we had to eat same shit almost every day. Our home in Ljubljana (city where we have recorded demo) was 45 min away from studio so we had to walk every day 1 hour and a half just to get the damn thing recorded, but it was a lot of fun (we even saw a naked guy tied on our famous poet statue). In august 2004 our 2nd guitarist Malek left us due to personal reasons and that was a quite a hard blow for LOW VALUE. We have played some shows as a trio and I can say this was a disaster. All arrangements for the songs were made for two guitars and then play all of it with one it's hard and also sucks alot. It is very hard if you lose a band member in Maribor because there are 3 people that listen to this kind of music. TIP - Don't come to Maribor looking for punk musicians!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily we found a new guitar player Pinky in December 2004!!! All members of the band have mostly the same influences in vain of: NOFX, PENNYWISE, BAD RELIGION, LAGWAGON......and few exceptions like: DREAM THEATER, QUEEN, TOY DOLLS, CHILDREN OF BODOM....... Current line up is: MATEJ KOSMACIN - vocals, bass JERNEJ BERVAR - guitar, back. vocals TOMAZ MEDVAR - drums, back. vocals PINKY - guitar LOW VALUE knows how to put together catchy uptempo punk rock songs. LOW VALUE can be compared to bands like: Strung out, Ten foot pole, Nofx, Pulley, Pennywise and shared the stage with No use for a name, Far from finished, Hladno pivo, Red lights flash, Rentokill and many others. In October 2005 LOW VALUE released their first Full length album titled "THE LANGUAGE OF STOLEN MUSIC", completely DIY. All reviews were very positive with comments like »punk band that can actually play«. The record was produced and mixed by Rok Podbevsek in studio Metelkowa, mastering was made in studio Metro by Janez Krizaj. To promote this album the band had a lot of concerts in homeland and abroad. Then in May 2006 a sudden turn in LOW VALUE story takes shape. The band got signed by a label based in TOKYO, JAPAN named CR JAPAN INYAFACE for their debut album. After a four year hiatus LOW VALUE are storming the scene with a new album titled RECHARGE, which was recorded in studio Soundgrounded in Ljubljana by Matej Gobec. The new record is due out in January 2010 and has bee allready picked up by a japanese label HIGH SPEED FLOWER records.
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