Lets GrowLets Grow got together in the summer of 2000. as a fast sxe band. The first line-up were Dario, Biza, Peca on drums and Ognjen (Crustavci) on bass. With those members we had the first two shows in 2001 and then went thru a few line up changes. Sinisa was on bass, Ogi on drums and as is for the current line up, Ljuba came to band in 2001., Mare Ilic in 2003., and Kuzman in 2006.
In May 2002. we made a first demo and the first vinyl came out. One year after came 2nd seven inch, both vinyls and a CD. After a few compilation songs that were recorded in 2004., at the end of 2006. and beginning of 2007. the first LP came out.
For sometime now, Lets grow has not been an SXE Band, and the music style is always going through changes. It's simply hardcore/punk, inspired mostly by the early 80's bands as well as fastcore bands from the late 80's and early 90's.
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