LastDayHereThe story of the band LastDayHere begins actually in January 2005 in hardcore metal band called "Shades of grey". It was formed by our friend Filip Gacic on guitar (ex Prophesy bassist, other bands bassist) and Pero J. on drums (ex Supremacy drummer). They made 2 songs. 2 months later, in the middle of April 2005 Uros B. join the band (few bands guitar player, Uros B. - 7th dimension project). Uros added the band unique sound and they made 4 songs together. The new chapter begins when Uros B. wrote a song called "This time". Pero also added a very powerful drum parts on the track. Unfortunately Filip was not satisfied with new style and left the band on good terms (we are still friends).
So Uros and Pero looked for new members (singer, bass player and rythm guitarist). Pero called his dear friend Marko D. (ex Supremacy singer) for a drink and played him "This time". Marko liked it and joined the new formed band with a new name "LastDayHere" in October 2005. He added great vocal parts (clean vocals with modern raw overtones and some screams). They had a lot of fun in writing new songs (fun and sometimes pain in the ass by creating new "babies"). Besides "This time" they also made new songs like: "Standing in dark", "Not comes around", "Take away", "Burned inside", "Coming alive", "Hide", "Deep down surrounded", "Faith somewhere" and the last song called "Saved from falling".
On 11th of February 2006 they recorded a Demo in their rehearsal place (their own production) with all 10 songs on it (for promotion and recording studio needs). They were also planning to record a debut album (with great producer Tat Purusha).
In the beginning of the April 2006, Tomi S. (session bass player) joined LastDayHere "trio". With his bass skills he created a huge bottom and also great fills on the bass guitar.
They still wanted a rhythm guitarist and Jure G. (Exsilium guitarist) took that place in the middle of May 2006. Jure added the songs with some harmonies and rhytm guitar parts. So the band formation was complete!
At the moment they are recording debut album called "With Pieces Created" in METRO STUDIO Ljubljana, produced by Tat Purusha.
Actually they don´t really know which genre LastDayHere are... Certainly it is a modern melodic metal with powerful drums, heavy and melodic riffs on 7 string guitars, with some breakdowns and clean/raw/sometimes scream vocals. Something very unique...
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