KultKult was born in 2002 by Werewolf(Bloodtide) & Kacele. The band tired of the new wave of simphonic black metal want to play a raw black metal without female vocals and keyboards. During 2003 they take part in two concerts with two bands in Italy Switzerland and Hungary (This last was cancelled). In the end of this year the france label Ewiger Hass Production print the first demotape of the band : Darkness Return. Sold out in three months, the tape have received good response by the zine. In 2004 Kacele take part as session player in the band Arvind and few months later Bloodtide(Werewolf)found with other guys a thrash metal band in the vein of sarcofago/protector etc...called Executioner. During this year kacele will write the part of guitar and werewolf the lyrics. Kult return on stage for check the new songs in summer 2005. They enter in the Alpha Omega Studio (Mortuary Drape/Ancient) for record the first full lenght album " Winds of war ". In this studio they have mixed, mastered and recorded all instruments except the guitars. The guitars were recorded by Aphazel of Ancient.
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