KnuckledustThe history of Knuckledust dates back to 1996 when Nic, Ray and Wema contacted Pierre to start a band.
At this time London was undergoing a serious lack of support for hardcore and heavy music generally. There was plently of bands playing it but not together so Knuckledust and a few other bands of that era took it upon themselves to put on shows for each other and help a scene that had been forgotten about.
With the work that was being put in by these individuals the scene quickly grew around London and the UK and hardcore was fast becoming 'the place to be'.
With this, KD were beginning to get offered bigger shows with the likes of Agnostic Front, Warzone, Madball, The Misfits and other big named hardcore and punk bands.
After the release of the first mini CD and 7" record in 1997 the band were soon offered their first album deal by Blackfish records in 1999 . The success of this was to become apparent in 1998 when the album 'Time Won't Heal This...' was licensed by a US label after continuing sales in Europe.
Time Won't Heal This was considered a success in the UK but still lacked the bigger European market. In 2002 KD were offered a contract by Europe's Gangstyle Records and this was to be the key to a whole new way of thinking for the band.
After completing the Easpak Resistance Tour in 2003 the band were well on the way to becoming one of Europe's better known Hardcore acts.
Knuckledust have toured with the likes of Blood For Blood, Suicidal Tendencies, Stamping Ground, Sworn Enemy, The Business, and Hatebreed to name but a few whilst finding the time to be active in other bands and help run a record label.
From 1996 until the present day Knuckledust remain the same 4 people.
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