KarnakKarnak has been created in 1993, starting from an original idea of Mr. Stefano Rumich, an Italian drummer who proposed a new music style, where classical atmospheres of death metal are blenden together with progressive components, taking also into consideration the experience of groups like Pestilence, Death, Atheist and Voivoid.
As time passed by the engagement of Karnak has become more and more intense. Through several performances Karnak has made itself more known and appreciated. To this first period belong the first five demos.
Karnak has been influenced, among other, by Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. To this period belongs also the musical support given to the German group Pyogenesis in Kranj, Slovenia, where Karnak has achieved a grear success, bringing to the realisation of their first record, entitled “Perverted”.
In 2000 Karnak enters finally into the music world with the album “Melodies of Sperm Composed”, recorded at Gabriele Ravaglia’s Fear Studio and promoted worlwide by 12th Planet. Unfortunately later the activity of Karnak suffers a slowdown, also because 12th Planet’s promotional activity is very weak, until 2003 when 12th Planet stops its activity.
“Melodies of Sperm Composed” is still available and still much in demand. In spite of this slowdown, Karnak has continued to develop its music in these years, showing important and constant improvements because of the growing musical skills developed along the years.
In their new album, created in 2009 and entitled “Dismemberment” Karnak blends the most significant aspects of Meshuggah, the brutality of Nile, Suffocation and Morbid Angel and the dynamism of Pestilence.
In 2010 Karnak supported the Italian Tour of Decapitated and for the winter period there will be more interesting news.
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