JTR SickertThe band formed in Modena in the spring of 2005 as the brainchild of guitarist\ composer and drummer Daniele Rezzaghi, who has worked with local Heavy metal bands such as Despise and Hateblasted; he later went on to compose electronic music and worked as a techno DJ. And it’s precisely the fusion of electronic music and Heavy metal that sparked the creation of this project. Daniele was joined by Tiziano Panini, lead singer of Neronova, and budding singer Erika, and started collaborating to compose the first songs. Thanks to the entry of a rhythm section composed of Federico Bonora, drummer of Red Pill, and Claudio Mantovani, a rock bass player who has worked with some of Modena’s most famous rock bands, the band took full shape and was named J.T.R. SICKERT after 19th century painter W.R.S, the alleged Jack The Ripper.
A year after formation the band went to Fear Studio (Alfonsine - RA) to record a 4 track demo called “Everything Is Growing Old” which has been very well reviewed in major metal magazines and webzines. The band went on to play a series of successful concerts with Italian bands of the caliber of The Family, Godiva, Macbeth and with well-known German band Das Ich . In winter 2007 they played in Switzerland and opened the Italian Legion Attack sharing the stage with Sadist, Vision Divine, Domine and Node.The band's first full length album "YOU DESERVE PANIC", also recorded at Fear Studios, came out in 2009, published by independent label "Bagana Records".At the same time was published the video for "Crystal Night", one of the album's tracks.You Deserve Panic has been regarded as the best album of its genre in the Italian underground scene and drew great fan response.At present the band is engaged in a series of concerts which will run through to summer 2011, subsequently the band will go back to the studio to work on new material.
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