Jegulja Instrumental progressive stoner metal band from Slovenia - Jegulja (Slovenian for Eel) was formed in January, 2013.
Even as guitarist Jan Kozel parted ways with groove stoner band Carnaval another guitarist Jure Gašper had problems with his own bizarre metal band Uroš and the drummer Rok Večerin – Wuko quit heavy metal band Lene Kosti.
So, with a bit of a destiny involved Wuko and Jure started this free experimental shit and invited Jan to join. One thing led to another, some jamming, few gigs, and in October, 2014, the band recorded five demo songs. But sadly Wuko left the band. Gods to the rescue, in November, 2014, youngster Domen Urh, fresh to the drums, eager to play and learn, responds to the Facebook add.
And here we are, in January 2017, after many gigs in Slovenia, and after making new friends in Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia, finally with a debut album »Darkest Light«.
With lots of fuel for creativity, lots of anger.
Not a shock at all, considering corporative streams sucking all subversive eddies of creativity, often with no other intent than to spit them out back again filthy and sordid to entertain the weakminded and mentally deranged, so they can giggle over their defeat. We all know the kind. We all know someone who is proud of being the sordid type. Proud to be sloven! The fucked-up type, not hesitant to proudly add that so is everything else – that so is the river and so is the mainstream! Releasing him of responsibility.
But than again, maybe it only takes three brothers to beat him senseless, to beat him silent, even if just to stop his sneering laugh, to let some other sound slip in.
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