IzegrimIzegrim was founded in the summer of 1996 when ex-Solstice drummer Joep teamed up with Jeroen (guitar). After a period of changing line-ups, a completely new order was recruited. Anita B. (bassguitar & backing vocals), Anita L. (keyboard), Kristien (vocals) and Niels (guitar) were added early 1997.
In this line-up we recorded and released our first propaganda on tape, called ‘Most Evil Demo’ in spring 1998. The unconventional and sometimes politically incorrect lyrics took a lot of criticism, but the media generally received this demo, featuring symphonic deathmetal, very positively. However, this first (and last) effort to ally with a suitable record-label remained fruitless.
Late 1998 Anita L. left the ranks of Izegrim because of her job at Dutch metal magazine Aardschok, and the style shifted to death/thrash. Reduced to a 5-piece formation we released the self-financed mini-CD 'Bird of Prey' in the summer of 1999. Shortly after the release of ‘Bird of Prey’, Niels left Izegrim in order to commit himself fully to his other band Goddess of Desire (under the name 'Lord Arydon'). His sudden departure left us badly shaken up, but we never routed.
Some time later Corvin joined the ranks of Izegrim for a while, but it didn't work out. Corvin started his own deathmetal task-force called ‘Exposing Innards’ and left again in july 2000.
After Corvin left Izegrim was intentionally put 'on low profile' for a while, patiently awaiting the momentum to strike back. Once a suitable new guitarplayer was found in Carsten, Izegrim continued to spread the forecast of mankind’s annihilation.
Through our healthy distrust towards commerce-motivated labels, our self-conceit to execute and maintain everything ourselves, and of course the very successful live-performances we did supporting many internationally renowned colleagues, Izegrim has steadily become an established name in the Dutch metalscene.
We are known as a notoriously selfwilled (yet easy-going) band that ignores all bandwagons and hypes, and focuses on what we like doing most: raw, filthy, groovy Old School Thrash, with a typical Izegrim-edge. That stubborn attitude is also what gained us a steady fanbase through the years.
In november 2002 we released our first extensive act of annihilism, called ‘Guidelines for Genocide’. It was received with both awe and astonishment by media and audience. It even exceeded our own expectations and therefor took everyone by surprise. Combining old-school Thrash elements, catchy riffing and unconventional themes, we successfully probed new means to thrash.
After some extensive campaigning, Anita B. gave up her induction in april 2004. In Marloes (former guitarist in Deluzion) we found a new recruit.
In the summer of 2005 a new omen of doom has been released upon this mediocre world: ‘New World Order’. It gave proof that we successfully upgraded our sound without abandoning the elements we have shown on ‘Guidelines for Genocide’. On the contrary, we have become more aggrevated and fiercer than ever before... But this mini-CD was merely a pre-taster for even greater indoctrinations to come: our upcoming full length ‘Tribute to Totalitarianism’.
Shortly after the release of the new EP, Carsten left Izegrim in order to pursuit other interests. Izegrim successfully continued as a 4-piece for over a year, but we still felt something was lacking. In Bart we found the right replacement to fill the gaps that Carsten left behind, and right now Izegrim is more determined than ever to start an uproar among the mediocre masses.
Early 2008 our second full-length "Tribute to Totalitarianism" has been unleashed upon this world through Rusty Cage Records. After a successful European tour and a Dutch mini-tour, founding member Joep and vocalist Kristien decided to focus on something else after 12 years of service and they left in the summer of 2008. Within the shortest period of time, Ivo was recruited to replace Joep, and Marloes took over the vocals.
March 2009: ‘Point of no Return’ is Izegrim’s wake-up call to the world, introducing the new line-up with 3 brand new songs and a re-recorded version of Angel of Demise (taken from our sold out album ‘Guidelines for Genocide’).
Immediately after the release of "Point of no Return" Izegrim started writing/composing their new album. Their mission was to create the most versitale, riff-packed, in-your-face-sounding record in the history of Izegrim. After more than one year of working as hard as they ever did, they've accomplished their objectives. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Studio), this record has become exactly the way they wanted it to be.
On top of that, Izegrim signed a pact with LISTENABLE RECORDS from France. The release date for "Code of Consequences" has been set for February 2011.
Izegrim is on the move, and the journey has just begun...
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