IvjeIvje is a black metal band formed in year 2000 in Mengeš, Slovenia.
Started as a duo, with Tine Horvat on drums and Tine Bregar on guitar.
Soon after Tilen Benda joined on another guitar, completing the 'TTT' trio that still forms the core of the band. That''s also when the band got it's name – Ivje, and we started to create our own music. We were composing and playing mainly for ourselves until 2007, when we completed the lineup and had a few concerts in Slovenia. Since then we had some line changes, but managed to record our debut album in 2011 and released it in 2012. In the past months we recruited new members – Jonas Savšek on vocals and Maja Peteh on keyboards and Peter Frol on guitars. With new lineup Ivje gained a new passion for creativity, which will express itself in the near future.
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