IScreamFive guys, five different tastes, one band, one music. Every band member tries to make his own contribution to songs they are creating and as a result of this, their music is a mixture of funk, jazz and metal. It is often marked as numetal, yet not a very conventional one. IScream songs are rather angry with melodic vocals and discorded heavy guitar riffs. Their role models are bands such as SOAD, Ill nino, Slipknot, RHCP, Korn, Soulfly and others who have contributed most to the development of creative music styles of the nineties. IScream try to sound original and put much effort into making their performances very powerful and of high quality. They are striving not to be copycats, to be unique yet still convincing. Give them a chance to bring their music home to you and let the screaming begin.
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