Ion DissonancePicture yourself being the sole survivor of a terrible train wreck, numb and disoriented, lost in the midst of this chaotic mess of scorched machinery, blood and burning flesh… And the only thing that you can actually recall from the chaos is the music of a hundred voices screaming in unison. That obliterating chorus succinctly describes the sound of what Canada’s metallic deathcore newcomers ION DISSONANCE so flawlessly achieve. The Montreal-based quintet is by far one of the most over-powering, precise and immensely talented bands within the ever-growing metallic hardcore scene. Armed with a deathly paced mechanization of angular riffs and breakneck drumming acrobatics, ION DISSONANCE obliterate the listener effortlessly, mowing down all in their path. Hitting the scene since 2003 with their previous releases, ION DISSONANCE toured relentlessly all over the U.S. and Canada with acts such as On Broken Wings, Despised Icon, From A Second Story Window and more, including performances at the Maryland Death Fest and the New England Metal And Hardcore Fest. Next on their schedule is Europe, ION DISSONANCE will be part of the very first edition of the Never Say Die Fest tour!
The new album, “Minus The Herd”, takes the bands assaulting sound to a whole new level of turbulent cacophony and was produced by no one less than the renown Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed) and features a cover artwork by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium).
ION DISSONANCE maturely captured their barrage of chaos with ease, combining insane technical riffs one over the other and grand canyon-styled grooves. Blastbeats and polyrhythms are littered throughout - prepare yourself for the next logical step in brutal music.
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