In the CrossfireI.T.C. is a 5 'piece' band whose members started their first hardcore'' baby steps'' in local bands between 98' /99'. Most of them had a short life-expectancy , nevertheless they were the base, the fundament.
Band was formed in summer 2003. Music they play could be simply described as hardcore/metal crossover. Through 11 years of stage shredding,their sound has been changing/upgrading from the good 'ol oldschool,to new school,until somewhere in 2005 when a growing tendency towards more metalized sound was unanimously accepted. ''Shit'' got more and more bitter,angry, with heavy breakdowns, down tempo parts and pissed off vocals. To sum it up, they're a 90's style metalcore.
Their integrity, persistence, straight in your face attitude and of course music, earned them the right to play on festivals as Punk Rock Holiday(2013), Exit fest (2014) + more and share the stage with some of the greatest names of the ''hardcore world'', just to name a few: Agnostic front,Madball,Death Before Dishonor Sworn enemy, PRO-PAIN, Shattered Realm, CDC, The Warriors, Bane,Down to Nothing, Have Heart, No Turning Back,Malevolence, No Second Chance,Fallbrawl,Take Offense,Bleeding Through,Born From Pain and many, many more.
Untill this day two demos and two albums have been released:
1. See you in hell 2008
2. Turn this world upside down 2010 (oficially released 2013)
Third full length is on the way, recording in summer 2014
We've shared the stage with a lot of awesome bands like:
Agnostic front(USA),Sworn enemy(USA),PRO-PAIN(USA),Shattered Realm(USA),CDC(USA),The Warriors(USA),Bane(USA),Have Heart(USA),No turning back(NL),Down to Nothing(USA),The Banner(USA), Ceremony(USA),Born from Pain(NL),Malevolence(UK), No Second Chance (UK),Face your enemy(ITA),Embrace Destruction (ITA),In Other climes (FRA),For The Fallen Dreams(USA),All For Nothing(NL), Vengince(USA),Drone(GER),Punchline(AUT), Hidden Layer(CRO), Final Prayer(GER), As We Fight(DEN), Ritual(GER), xAnchorx(SWE),Deadsoil(GER), Deadlock(GER), The Secret(ITA), Embers(HUN),Postmortem promises(UK), Memories of apocalypse(ITA), AK 47(CRO), When seasons change(ITA), Abel Is Dying(ITA), Worlds between us(AUT), Endless path(AUT),Dust 2 Dust(AUT),Counterweight(AUT),Clone age(CRO), Jakuzi's Attempt(AUT), Rohstoff(AUT), Cold Snap(CRO),The Hollowed Pledge(AUT), Killing option, Curse of instinct, Multiball, Golliwog, Entreat, Evenrain, In-sane, Sweet sorrow, Elodea, Final approach, Salvation Is Near ,Aktivna propaganda...and many many more :)
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