IgutBand was formed in 2002 and started out as a four piece. Reinforced with the coming of the second guitar, Igut became what it is today - modern metal-driven band. Raw power of guitars accented with powerfull and infectious melodies supported by firm bass and pounding drums can (band hopes) hardly leave anyone apathetic. Screaming and brutal vocals on top give the band an additional razorsharp edge.
First official demo was recorded in 2003 titled Dreams Are Forever. At that time band was in an experimental phase still searching for it's sound and style with additional two members: second vocals and flute. (only on this release)
In the year of 2004 band moves forward and records mini album called More Than Words Can Tell. A little different in style than Dreams Are Forever, this release gives better image of what band does today and where is headed.
In the meantime Igut did a lot of live shows and festivals supporting bands like Darkest Hour, Cameran, The Wage Of Sin, Shai Hulud, Malkovich etc. Live performances were never a problem for the band.
The latest recording of two promo songs featured on this website is an evidence of the band's effort to evolve and mature, to define sound, to create more brute force, more energy... yet, more is to be uncovered.
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