IcepickIn the late winter of 1999 the band Icepick rose up when several other bands and projects were laid low. Inspired by the work of the great old New York bands Bad Brains and Cro-Mags, the band started writing material and got their sound together with lyricism reflecting the heart and soul of the frontman. After numerous live performances the band got noticed by Discontent Records who sent them into the studio to record their demo in the summer of 2003. Reactions to this have been nothing but positive and about 500 copies were sold. Changes in the line-up made the band grow and the bands’ guitar assault stronger than ever. Their 'Goldrush' CD on Not Just Words records hit the streets in the spring of 2005 and got lots of great reviews shortly after.
Emiel – Vocals
Alfons – Drums
Martin – Guitar
Piet – Guitar
Durk - Bass
Icepick Website