Hotty MkkNottyThe band was created by guitarist TJ Tuff'N Tricky Licks in 2004 after meeting the coolest bassist out there - Ken Sweet Crispy Kandy. After a long search they've teamed up with vocalist Julian Van Gogh, and in the end of 2006 - drummer Lexxy Leonardo de LaRoche - Longlegz joined the band. They had a successful year together, releasing HOT'N'NOTTY DEMO featuring 5 hot'n'notty songs and had dozen of concerts around Slovenia, Europe. Unfortunately the jump to the stars didn't last long and they hit the dirt in the beginning of 2008, when Julian Van Gogh left the band. The rest of the boyz started the search for a new frontman and almost gave up, when they got a call in april 2008. It was Texas Cherrie Biggunz aka Mr. Notty Boy, the man that changed it all - and after one rehearsal together, they all knew this is the real deal and the beginning of a new story. The bad boyz were finally back in business!!! Since then they are working hard for their highly expected comeback. Their keyboard player Vicky Venus is still on rehab, since 2004 and nothing indicates he'll be out soon, but he's in touch with the band and helps with recordings and notty ideas.
Hotty MkkNotty are the hottest and nottiest band on Earth and Venus, the ultimate 80's blast from the past, the craziest rollercoaster of 80's rock'n'roll, so be sure not to miss the next best rock party in town...
And remember - keep it HOT, NOTTY and LOUD, just like the boyz from HMKKN crew do it!!!
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