Holy MosesThrash Metal is no temporary phenomenon of fashion, no cross-product, no circus act. Actually it’s the total opposite: Thrash Metal is a way of life, a philosophy, where a musician is involuntary driven to the music and just can’t escape. Real Thrashers celebrate this music style passionately their whole lives, totally committed, and with a strong conviction. Sabina Classen has been, for the last 25 years, the driving force behind Holy Moses, one of the most important German Thrash Metal bands of all time. With her unique voice (also respectfully known as the “female vocals from hell“) and her unstoppable energy, Holy Moses, with a small break between 1995 and 1999 (when Sabina released two albums as Temple of the Absurd), have been constantly established at the top of the international Thrash movement.
Since the formation of the band in the early eighties, they have not only released many convincing albums, but have always been able to prove their commitment on the stage. Touring alongside formations such as Rage, Angel Dust, Steeler, D.R.I., Holy Terror, Sacred Reich or Forbidden, Holy Moses have shaken the walls of many important clubs and venues. In 1989 the band was one of the most important acts at the legendary Dynamo Open Air festival and also a few years later a part of the massive open air festival in South Korea.
With the addition of Michael Hankel on guitars to the band in 2002, the band gained another soul mate whose musical spirit fitted perfectly the Holy Moses sound and that would prove to be, along Sabina, the main driving force behind the band. Also, in 2006 Olli Jaath (Reckless Tide) joined the band as bass player, giving new form to the Holy Moses line-up. In 2005 with the album “Strength Power Will Passion“ Holy Moses once again set new levels of aggression and reached new young fans: Albums such as Queen of Siam (1986), Finished With The Dogs, (1987), The New Machine Of Liechtenstein (1989), World Chaos (1990), Terminal Terror (1991), Reborn Dogs (1992) are milestones of the thrash genre, so since the summer of 2005, to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary, all of the Holy Moses albums were re-released with added surprises and extras. The re-releases are fit out with until now unreleased bonus tracks, a new and worked over booklet and liner notes originally written by Sabina and the band themselves.
In 2005 and 2006 Holy Moses did several shows and festivals including the Wacken Open Air Festival (Sabina played all in all 3 times with Temple Of The Absurd / 3 times with Holy Moses at Wacken Open Air). Other festivals played in 2006 were the Headbangers Open Air (Germany), Badia Rocks Festival (Italy), Hall of Metal Festival (Poland). Basin Fire Fest (Czech Republic), Martohell (Spain), Turkey and among others. Also, in August 2006 the band did a killer show with Carnivore in Hamburg at the Wacken Open Air Aftershow Event. In 2007 the band, now with drummer Atomic Steif back on the line-up, did crushing shows in Norway, Germany and also played in the Geiselwind Open Air Festival (Germany), Kaltenbach Open Air Festival (Austria), Jalometalli Festival (Finland) and Metal Female Voices Fest 5 (Belgium). Meanwhile the band is in the studio composing and recording for their new album that will be entitled "Bloodbound". A long tour with death metal beasts Obituary and Sweden..s Avatar was done in the first two months of 2008.
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