HillbillywithachainsawHillbillywithachainsaw je nastal na začetku leta 2013 z đemanjem kitarista Marka Mitriča in bobnarja Maksima Špelka. Po treh narejenih komadih se jima je na basu pridružil Sandro Mohorko. Hillbilly-stoner-instrumentalni trio sloni h konstantnim shiftom preko punka,balkana,rapa…itd. Trenutno nabirajo še zadnje minute da dopolnijo albumsko minutažo.

From one of Slovenia's 10 biggest city (with a population of 20 000) Novo mesto (literally New town) comes a band with a hard to label music. Band was formed around autumn of 2013 by guitarist Marko and drummer Max and later that year bassist Sandro joined the band. Our inspiration comes from everyday life of a tipical slovenian suburbian dweller simmilar to american rednecks. At first we started as a joke with chainsaw-like guitars and drums mimicking a tractor but became more serious as the new material for songs came to be. But we still stay true to our nature of a hillbilly who shouldn't be trusted with a chainsaw.
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