Hell MilitiaHell Militia was founded in 1999 by T. Persecutor (lead guit), who asked Dave Terror (drums), Arkdaemon (guit), Hellsukkubus (bass) and Meyhna'ch (vox) to join the band. The first release was out on Spikekult records in 2001, and then the demo tape came in 2003.
The first album, Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit, was recorded and released in 2005 by THR.The second album Last Station On The Road To Death was released in 2010 by Debemur Morti.
The band has done many gigs, fests and tours with many great bands and lots of headlining underground dates all over Europe and Russia, with bands like Archgoat, Behexen, Blacklodge, Aosoth, Black Witchery, Revenge, Blasphemy. The band has for more than ten years used video on stage, and has now included in the line up a full time VJ, that adds even more to that special filthy Hell Militia soundscape.
The universe of Hell Militia smells of urban filth, of religious unshakable faith and bitter taste of life, and is the result of many years of dedication of the members in the underground scene, in bands like Mütiilation, Arkhon Infaustus, Secrets Of The Moon, or Temple Of Baal.
The band has in 2012 entered the SOS studio (Secrets Of The Moon, Ascension) in Germany for the third album delivering 8 tracks of pure french black metal, old school and modern, dissonant and violent.
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