HDNXHDNX was founded in 2004 by Michael Bernsteiner (drums), Philipp Bernsteiner (guitar, vocals), Georg Lick (vocals, guitar) and Tomas Karas (bass). After several concerts, the first DemoCD, which was self-recorded and produced has been released in May 2005. The songs on the DemoCD could be rather attached to the term skatepunk. In september 2005, there has been a change in the band, and Christoph Reif has taken over the bass and several sreaming parts. Thenceforward more and more hardcore elements has been integrated into the band`s sound. After playing concerts with bands like Antimaniax (Austria), Vanilla Sky (Italy), Blood or Whiskey (Ireland) and Multiball (Slovenia) the band has built up an enthusiastic fanbase, who always enjoy their unique liveshows full of energy. In December 2005 the guys entered the Studio with Tom 20er (Antimaniax) to produce their Debut EP, where melodic harmonies meet compromiseless punkrock.
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