HausarestHow this shit started....? Well, the name even spelled their way leaves no open suggestions. Pero (guitarist) 2 drunk ,....consequence....he was grounded. Six fuckin' months...just enough time to think of forming a band. so, so....well. The band anyhow was formed in the backyard of their block when 4 close friends decided who will play which instrument. While Pero was playing a little guitar none of others had any musical or instrumental knowledge. How convenient...let's play punkrock. It was 10th of June 1996 (just a bunch of kids) when they set up their first humble garage. What can we say about that era. Well it finished fast for sure. Got so drunk a couple of times nobody even noticed they r almost hunted down! After first attempts to cover some of their finest punkers very fast they were on to their songs. Hooked up with another punk band Virus after a year and something they started doing concerts around the town. In '99 they played a gig with brits GBH. Know them? It was the GIG! Slowly six years have past and there was a major change in the band. They lost their singer somewhere down the road. Better said he lost interest...and they were back to the roots. What is better then a classic four member punk band??? A THREE MEMBER SKA PUNKROCK BAND! Now u'll find them in their nicely set up underground pit where they are at home for the last 3 years. No shocks...and btw they got older on the way. Minds changed u know. They finally realized the long kept idea of building a studio of their own. For start they got themselves some decent recording equipment and started doing demos. Some of those rough songs are in your hands" now. Please enjoy....or not. They stil dont give a fuck! This summer they're recording an album. And keep this on your mind. They are doing everything by themselves....and u can too. You can track them in the nearest park or pub.
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