Growing RatsWe started in september 2004. At first, there were just 3 members, those were Matic (guitar), Nejc (bass), Ales (drums), who gave the idea to create a band. After couple of months playing together, we needed to complete our sound so we asked around, and soon the 2nd guitar, came by new member Tomaz. Soon we started to write our own songs, because we already had a gig scheduled after only a week of practicing so its obvious how it all sounded. honestly, crap! At first we actually didnt know what we want to play, really. someone wanted to play 3-chord punk, someone fast punk rock, e.g. pennywise, bad religion....and someone hardcore. And hardcore it was... :) the thing was, we didnt have no proper place for practicing for a major part of our time and this was making us nervous big time. on some occasions we even weren't allowed (?!?) to practice because for some reasons the practice room was already taken and we had a lot of argues between them and us and we even considered braking up. anyway, we dont have such problems for now and we have practices on a regular basis, every week that is. what we are distinguished from the others, that we are younger than most people would expect from a hardcore band, and people are stunned to see a couple of minors playing hardcore and if i'm honest we always received positive feedback. After 8 months of playing, we decided to get a singer, because both guitarists were singers before, and wanted to improve our sound better. After some test practises, another Matic became a full member of the band. Until today we had a quite a lot of shows, mostly in our local area, but we hope our reputation will spread, and we hope more people will have the oppurtunity to see us. The audience has accepted us pretty nicely so far, and hopefully they enjoyed and they are enjoying our shows. We also recorded a demo CD in september in 2005. At the moment we are practising new songs and hopefully our 2nd demo is released soon! Our lyrics, are mostly about people`s relations, politics, and social problems. we hope people will support us, and just to mention, we do it for the fun, and not for the sucks, as 4 sivits say!! KKxHC!
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