GrimoirThe journey begins in late Autumn of 2006. Channeling the mystifying black powers through the ancient books of wisdom, exploring dark dimensions to hinder the weaker minds.
At the beginning the band was formed as a side project, but soon it has perfected to being the main aural manipulation tool of the Five. Black metal with a methodical approach to awaken lethargic utter devotion. Into the hymns one can find glimpses of death and progressive styles intricately woven within the black fabric.
2009 a self released demo featuring four songs materializes. Later in early 2010 a 4-way split contribution with Slovenian black metal acts Somrak, Krvnik and Samomor on a 12" vynil entitled Covenant of the Undivine through national label Mater Tenebrarum. At the end of 2011 French label Le Crépuscule du soir re-releases the demo MMIX.
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