Grimness 69GRIMNESS 69 were born in the 200, with the name of Grimness, from the ashes of Vallium, an old hardcore-grind band. At the beginning massive doses of chaos/noise and a clear nihilist attitude marked the sound out: the main influences came from bands like Anal Cunt, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Gore Beyond Necropsy mixed to nihilo speed punk of Rupture, Nihilist and so on.
During this first year of life Grimness play their first gigs with a trio line up: Lord Nuclear Ripped Pig, voice & bass, Tetsuo Hirashi Mitakawa, guitar, Cianus the Anus, drum. In the spring of the same 2001 they release the 1st split 7" with Groinchurn from South Africa on Ecatombe Production. The 2002 is the time for other shows, for a small tour in Italy with Malignant Tumour and for two new releases. A second split 7" with Viscera from Australia (always on Ecatombe Prod) and a split cd with portoguese brutal gore grinders Holocausto Cannibal, released by Grindmind Records. For the first time their stuff sounds different: longer and more structured songs but always with the same blasphemous and nihilist approach.
2003: for the first time Grimness play outside Italy with the participation at the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic and, always for the first time, they face up to a line up change. Cianus The Anus left the band replaced by J.C. Hooker. This change brings into the band not only new ideas and the death / black metal influences of the new drummer but also a bigger stability.
With this new line-up Grimness start to play a bigger number of shows: on september 2004 a small tour with the polish Deformed in the east of Europe and after one year, during September 2005, this time with the new name of Grimness 69, the first full European tour supporting the spanish Avulsed. 15 shows in 10 different countries.
During October - November 2005 Grimness 69 record their debut "GRIMNESS AVENUE 69" and in 2006 signed a deal with the Spanish Grotesque Productions for the release of this first full lenght album in November. During the first half of 2007 the band supports the release of the album with 20 dates around Europe with Pungent Stench, Gorerotted and Sinister working with some session player at the bass guitar. The great success of this live activity and the good responses of "Grimness Avenue 69" drive the band to a management deal with the Alkemist Fanatix Europe.
The first results of this new collaboration are the new deals. During the summer of 2008 Grimness 69 sign a double contract for the release of their second album: previously recorded during the October / November 2007, “ILLHEAVEN HELLS” takes the band to two new labels. Embrace My Funeral Records for the United States and all the south and central American market and Copro Records for the worldwide release. For their first time Grimness 69 greets a full time fourth member as guitarist: Dr. Faustus joins the band in time to support the new album with the most extended tour so far. Three weeks of shows between the central Europe and the Balkans with names like Gisgorge and Inhume.
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