Greg RekusGreg Rekus is closing in on having performed 100 shows this year stretching from Lasqueti Island British Columbia to St. John's Newfoundland. Playing everywhere from theaters and bars to places rarely ever considered as possible concert venues. This year Mr. Rekus rocketed across the land pushing aside obstacles to conquer western Canada. Greg will soon bring his show to the eastern US and make an exciting return to eastern Canada in the coming weeks. All adding up to the view of a European tour in spring. Greg has spread the energetic music of his new full length album “The Dude Abides” across western Canada and soon the world.
Live, Greg’s act can be described as punk rock meets outlaw country hooked up to a huge transformer to kick up the energy to 1.21 gigawatts. The lyrical content stretches from drinking in your favourite bar, to the friends you have, to quitting your job, political jousting, life in general, and then back again. All this when strumming the hell out of an acoustic guitar and stomping the beat out on his custom built stomp box.
Produced and engineered by sound wiz John Paul Peters, “The Dude Abides” has 10 original songs showcasing a raw, stripped down, bare bones sound that ears everywhere drool over. For 5 days Greg and John locked themselves away in Private ear studios escaping exclusively for delicious burritos, gourmet pizza, and spontaneous listening sessions on the van stereo. The out come was a punk stomp album that is trading in some of the traditional elements for a frenetically played acoustic guitar, and stomp.
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