GorgasmGorgasm was formed in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. Formed by Guitarists Damian Leski and Tom Tangalos, along with Bassist Russ Powell and Derek Hoffman, Gorgasm went on to release "Stabwound Intercourse" in 1998. The debut album's overwhelming response led to an onslaught of live performances, followed by their 2nd release in 2001 "Bleeding Profusely". Dave Culross was brought in to handle the studio drums for this album. After adding Terrence Manauis on Drums, and Paul Garcia on Bass, Gorgasm released their 3rd effort, "Masticate to Dominate" in 2003. Before what seemed to be their complete demise, Gorgasm had downsized to a 3 piece consisting of Damian Leski, Paul Garcia, and Drummer Tomasz Pilasiewicz. They released a two song demo in 2006 as a promo for their upcoming release, but disbanded before recording it. In 2009 Damian Leski began writing with Ex-Human Filleted frontman Kyle Christman under the moniker "Sadichist". With Kyle handling the Drumming, they soon brought in Guitarist Ryan Saylor (ex-Human Filleted) and Bassist Anthony Voight (ex-Sarcophagy) to complete the lineup. After writing several songs Damian decided that this was the lineup he wanted to continue Gorgasm with, and after signing with Brutal Bands they released "Orgy of Murder" in 2011. Gorgasm separated from Brutal Bands in 2013 and signed with New Standard Elite before releasing their 5th studio album, "Destined To Violate" in 2014. Keep an eye out for them on the road in 2016!
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