Go It AloneIn June of 2002 two friends wrote twelve songs and recorded six of them. The result was the Go It Alone "Hollywood North" demo. No shows were played, about 100 demos were mailed out and the friends went their separate ways for the better part of the year lured by world travels and other core-based projects. In February of 2003 the friends reconvened and resurrected the GIA concept, deciding to breath new life into it and in a strange Pinocchio sort of way make it, at last, into a real band. With a full line up they played their first show on April 15th 2003 at the underwear farm in East Vancouver and toured both east and west coasts on the Hollywood North demo. Since that time GIA has toured countless times in both North America and Europe, suffered through a sickening number of lineup changes, endured extreme neurological trauma and released one EP, one split EP with Blue Monday, two comps and a full length LP. A second full length LP is currently in the works and will be recorded at castle ultimate in January of 2007. A fresh bout of touring will follow featuring bands like Verse, Justice and a plethora of others we're sure you'll love like nothing else.
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