Give Em BloodGIVE EM BLOOD combines melodic metal/hardcore influences and pushing breakdowns with relentless riffing and lyrics that reek of world weariness and unhinged visions, we purposely dismiss partaking in any scene or movement, because in the end it’s all about the music rather than basecaps, silver chains or facebook pics. While our roots can undeniably be found within the beatdown genre, neither our music nor our demeanor still show any resemblance to that by now.
We distance ourselves from any kind of glorification of violence, drug abuse or any other primitive antisocial behaviourisms which, to us, are of no interest.
In addition to that we wittingly avoid politics of ANY direction when it comes to our music.
GIVE EM BLOOD was founded in Graz, Austria, in 2009.
Despite some short term line-up changes, the band still exists in it's original form to this day. There's Martin on bass, Markus and Max on guitars, Dominik on drums and Matthias on vocals.
2010 saw the release of our first record, a split CD with Germany's Dos Dias De Sangre on Beatdown Hardwear Records as well as shows all over Europe.
As of lately, we're in the process of writing new material that will see the light of day on our first full length that we're planning to put out some time in early 2012. We're also planning shows all over the world, please get in touch if you have any info regarding that.
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