GehennaGehenna was formed in January, 1993 by original members Sanrabb, Dolgar, and Sir Vereda. Their first demo, entitled Black Seared Heart, was recorded between the 3rd and 7 June 1993 in Soundsuite Studios, and was released as a cassette. Around this same time, a 7" titled Ancestors of The Darkly Sky was released by Necromantic Gallery Productions.
Shortly after the release of these two recordings, Sir Verada left the band due to legal problems, and was replaced by Dirge Rep. The band also enlisted Svartalv as bass player during this time.
Up until this time, the band had yet to play any live shows. It was not until February, 1994 that the band made their live debut.
In 1994 Sarcana joined the band and added keyboards to the mix.
In March, 1994, the band entered Soundsuite Studios to record their debut album, First Spell. It was released as an MCD on Head Not Found Records. First Spell generated a larger fan-base for the band, and led to them signing 2-album record deal with Cacophonous Records.
In 1995, Gehenna released their second full-length, Seen Through The Veils of Darkness. This record featured a guest appearance by Garm of Arcturus and Ulver doing vocals on the track Vinterriket. This release cemented Gehenna as a strong band in the black metal scene.
Shortly before the release of Gehenna's next record, Svartalv left the band. Noctifier, who had joined the band as Svartalv's replacement, was unable to meet the demands of being a member of Gehenna. After 6 months, during the recording sessions of Gehenna's third release, Noctifier left the band.
E.N. Death, a friend of the band, was asked to sit in as a session bassist to finish the recording. After also joining the band on tour, he was asked to join the band full-time.
In 1996, Gehenna's third release, Malice, was released on Cacophonous Records.
Sarcana and Dirge Rep both left the band shortly after a touring in support of Malice. Damien was added as Sarcana's replacement on keyboards and Blod took up drumming duties.
With the new members, Gehenna's sound changed a bit. Blod brought a death metal background with him, and it influenced Gehenna in a much heavier way.
In 1998, Gehenna signed to Moonfog Productions and immediately released an EP Deadlights, which was a sample to their fans of what to expect from the newer Gehenna material. This EP was later followed by their Moonfog debut LP, Adimiron Black.
During their tenure with Moonfog Productions, Gehenna would also release Murder 2000 and WW 2005.
In late 2005 Gehenna signed with ANP Records.
In December, 2007, Gehenna announced that the previous contract signed with ANP Records was cancelled and that Gehenna signed with Norwegian based "Indie Recordings". Dirge Rep was also announced as a full-time member.
According to a message posted by the band on their official MySpace page in June 2009, "Gehenna is currently writing new material for a yet untitled album. We hope to have it recorded by the end of 2009. Some work / track titles are : The Blooding, Melek, Stillborn, Claws of Obedience, Death's Emblem, Liber Torquere (Leviathan Rising)". This was obviously a false alarm, but in august 2013 Indie records announced this: "GEHENNA TO RELEASE "UNRAVEL" OCTOBER 14TH! Having kept us waiting since their 2005 release of “WW”, “Unravel” is Gehenna’s latest addition to the Norwegian black metal experience. It carries the spirit from WW, and twists it to confront a more post-apocalyptic era – rather than the ragnarok of the bourgeoise, the individual, and the failings of western society – Gehenna faces 21st century existence head on. There is no remorse, no compromise – there is only perfect hate." This was the first Gehenna-album to feature Sanrabb as the only vocalist and also their first album with guitarist Skinndød and new drummer Slaktaren who took over for Dirge Rep. who again left Gehenna in 2012. Shortly afer the album was finished Dolgar also announced his departure and was swiftly replaced by new bass player Byting for subsequent live-shows.
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