Gama BombIn the rot-infested bowels of a boarded-up bunker, five brave soldiers are steeling themselves for an over-the-top assault against the plague ripping through the metal masses. As the brain-dead hordes claw and scratch at their fortified safehouse, GAMA BOMB have armed themselves with an arsenal of razor fine riffs and rapier wits as they prepare to take on the brain-sucking musical dead.
Shielding themselves away from the infestation some years back, they’ve sustained their will on the torch-bearing rations of yesteryear’s thrash titans, sharpening their skills and perfecting their blistering attack in hundreds of field-tests and soundlab simulations. Early victories against the metal malaise sent legions of thrashers to their side, bolstering the unit’s already sub-nuclear powers.
These battle-hardened desperadoes are now preparing a full-on thrash attack in 2008 with the ultimate weapon – Citizen Brain – and sending out an automated message of blood-soaked hope to survivors: boils and ghouls, GAMA BOMB are coming for you…
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