GadgetGADGET started out in late 1999 when guitarist William Blackmon allied Rikard Olsson and started writing songs. The band, that was intended to be Williams solo-project from the beginning, was slowly taking form during the next couple of years, and is actually still looking for one last missing member.
Rikard and William recorded a demotape in the rehearsal a few months after the first rehearsal, and kept looking for additional members. First to join was vocalist Emil Englund, and during that year the group had a whole set of different bass players. The band started playing live, and also recorded a second promo, about the same time they got in contact with Relapse records and were set to do a split 7inch with American goregrind heroes EXHUMED. This was the start of the cooperation that later led to the signing of a record deal.
After the release of the split, GADGET where still looking for both a drummer and a bass player, but kept writing new material and recorded a set of 7 songs in The Blue Room, later to be used on two compilations released during 2002. First the Polargrinder compilation released by Putrid Filth and Manufactured cR, then the Swedish Assault, released by Relapse Records. The “live-lineup” was also completed that same year by Fredrik Nygren on bass.
In 2003 GADGET was set to record their first debut CD on Relapse and hired Gothemburg studio Phlat Planet and Fredrik Reinedahl for the production. The record, entitled "Remote" was released on the 16:th of February 2004, and was extremly well recieved by media and fans.
GADGET has allways been a band that focus more on "integrity" than "obscenity". We have allways felt that honesty and kreativity go hand in hand. This is why we have been adding members so slowly. We would rather keep playing the way we do than to take on a member that does not "fit" the band. We are still looking for a drummer that has the skills and the passion we need. Mail us!
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