Free RideWe are a Melodic Metal/ Metalcore band from Zagreb, Croatia consisted of six young musicians. All of us play an instrument since elementary school and have decided that music is what we want to build our future from , so it was natural that we should all wind up in bands sooner or later. The "no name" band at the time (Chicha, Ante and Marko) joined to jam and started to cover famous Heavy Metal songs. Free Ride was born. The bassist's brother Ivan soon joined as a second guitarist. Drived by Chicha's and Ivan's ferocious riffs, Ante's thunderous drumming and Marko's solid bass lines we plowed through heavy metal anthems and decided to get serious. After a few weeks of searching for a singer, we stumbled upon Pavao by sheer accident. A versatile, classically trained musician and a talented singer filled the spot perfectly. The chemistry was there, but original songs were missing. Marin joined the band to play keyboards and he contributed with his musical and textual know-how. Since then we kicked into 2nd gear, oriented on modern, techicaly advanced music style and played plenty of shows and big festivals. Serious rehearsing schedule paid off as the band entered the studio to record their EP called “All The World Ignores”. The EP featuring four songs with over 26 minutes of material in total was completed in September 2012. Every part of creation of the EP was done without any outside help. Mix and master was done by the bands guitarist Kristijan “Chicha” Markusic and the cover was also made by the band members themselves.
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