For I Am KingThe uniqueness of the Dutch metal band FOR I AM KING shows that the X-Factor is history, and the age of the I-Factor has dawned. “I” represents mathematical complexity as the root of the imaginary numbers (i2=-1), it is used for measuring luminous intensity in physics, and (I), the chemical element Iodine, is known to react very well with metal. Moreover, “I” serves as the abbreviation of international, and stands for the electric current that charges the very screen on which you are reading this. Indeed, FOR I AM KING’s complex and intense reactive metallicity is charging the world head on. The I-Factor of FOR I AM KING lies in the perfect integration of their musical qualities: melodious and modern, complex and furious, while always being catchy.
Driven by the unique vocals of front-woman and eyecatcher Alma Alizadeh, the band knows to capture the true essence of Metal — Metal with capital M! With personal and socially engaged lyrics, impeccable artwork and appearance, and explosively powerful live shows, FOR I AM KING truly brings every audience in awe.
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