Forever Ends TonightForever Ends Tonight is about heavy metal but not that “vegan mosh crap or any of that pro-life, pro-god, pro-idiot bullshit” (Thomas Reitmayer) just pure fuckin´ metal with lots of melodies, guitar harmonies, powerful drumming, aggro-aggressive vocals and lyrics about the negative aspects of interpersonal relations and how life can fuck you up some times. We started playin´ together in October 2003 with the line up: Thomas Hartl on guitar, Julian Aichholzer on the drums, Richard Exner on bass (who also played in Hope Dies Last) and Harald Schodl (ex-Worlds Between Us) on the vocals. We really thought that it will take us a long period of time to find a second guitar player but fortunately Georg Ondrak (ex h-street, mar, king tiger, ...) decided to help us out until we find a permanent 5th band member. After two months of practicing we decided to record a demo and asked Thomas Reitmayer (who runs FireWalkWithMe-Records) if he can make the artwork for it, because he did a really awesome job for several bands in the past. So we gave him a CD with a home-recorded preproduction of the songs and things turned out the way that the planned demo was never released – therefore Thomas Reitmayer gave us the opportunity to make an EP for FireWalkWithMe-Records. And in June 2004 our first-release, the EP “Meet her in the Killing Fields”, came out. This was definitely the best thing that could happen to a young band like us. In September 2004 our good friend Andreas Bubich joined Forever Ends Tonight on the guitar, replaced Georg and became the long-awaited constant 5th band member. Until now we have played several shows together with bands like Bleeding Through, Wage of Sin, Deadlock, Six Reasons To Kill, Walls of Jericho, Purification, Bridge to Solace, The Idoru, Bounz The Ball, Nothing Gold Can Stay and Under Siege. For the future we are planing to play as many shows as possible, especially abroad and writing new songs for a full length record, that is goin´ to be released sometime within this year.
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