FHOBIWhich signifies « Bad Boy or Good Immortal » Let’s go back a few years in time. Fabián, the founder of the group is born in Uruguay in 1969. Left for dead and locked up from birth in a shed on an abandoned plot, he stays alive to someone who feeds him in hiding and in secret. Incapable of walking or speaking it was at 3 years of age that he escaped at the last second from a fire that burned everything in the area. He was placed in the hands of the Authorities who decided to “euthanize” the kid. Yes, you did understand well. This is Uruguay with an unstable political scene in the 60’s and where the was no place for a kid that could not walk or talk!!! In December ’72, Osmarino the President of the Club Juventud de Castillos, learns of this boy who just missed death in a fire. He offers to buy him from the Authorities and offer him for “adoption”. His daughter, Raquel, adopts the boy and now you understand the FULL and TRUE meaning of “Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales”. The original idea to form the group came at the end of the 80’s, the undersigned physically created the band in Europe 20 years later. So it is in 2003 that Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales sees the day. Fabián takes on board some truly good musicians coming from varying fields of music such as Latino, Jazz, Rock, Metal and today “Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales” is Fabián’s pure product. Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales From a shy beginning with sweet worded messages, undoubtedly necessary in view of his need to be loved, and many therapies later and a good life apprenticeship, 2000 marks the beginning of a “fight with words” to translate and relate his past and bitterness towards today’s lost world. Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales Yes, the harder musical style becomes the true identity and character of Feos Hijos O Buenos Inmortales. With Latino Metal spewed out strongly the Foundation is laid. The 3 musicians who accompany Fabián bring incredible energy that makes you feel at each concert that they are playing for the last time!! The scenic thirst can only win you to their cause. Fabián said one day that “ It is better to die, than to live with your dreams unrealized”. Without a doubt he was speaking of MUSIC, HIS music, his fountain of life in its purest state.
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