Eyecontacteyecontact is a band from lendava, slovenia. its members originate from different former bands (khons, illusions) that performed years ago in the lendava music scene.
the roots of the band go back to 2008, when the remaining two members of the disbanded group khons decided to continue making music. in 2011, after many years of performing, name and member changes, eyecontact, then as a duo (daniel balažic, gregor naglič), performed with guest musicians, among them attila szunyog, who later became a permanent member (2012).
after a long search, jan franko briefly filled the bass player role, but decided to leave and rejoin his primary band inhibis. his duties were then taken over by teo graj. in little over a year, fruitful songwriting generated more than enough material for a short ep, about to be released in may 2014 at gbtm records.
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