Eure ErbenWelcome to the truth of Dictocracy! The Bayarea of San Francisco and the German Ruhr-Destrict (Ruhrgebiet) were the most creative scenes of Thrash Metal in the 1980's. The indicatively Bands of that time came from these areas. The Thrashformation DARKNESS came from Essen in the Ruhrgebiet. From 1986 until 1989 they enjoyed a kind of cult status in the underground. They released three albums before they seperated, but until today they still have fans. In the beginning of 2004 Lacky and Arnd, two of the original members, started to work on a new project. A simple re-union was not taken into consideration, because too less member from the original lineup were left and both musicians didn't want to surf on the wave of re-unions. They wanted to start making music together again, based on their roots but even though innovative and new. So they founded Eure Erben and completed the lineup with Emma (Bass) and Joter (Guitar). Emma was involved with choir and keyboards in the second Darkness album and Joter played some shows as a replacement for Pierre in 1988, thus both guys can almost be considered as former Darkness members. Eure Erben is a synonym for oldschool Thrash with german lyrics. The live-set includes "old" Darkness-songs (with new german lyrics) as well as totally new songs. In Summer 2005 the old Darkness albums were re-released with lots of bonus material and additionally a live recording from 1987 on Karthago-Records. In April 2006 their debut - CD was released with four old and two new songs. Since September 2005 the band is on Stage (again).
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