Era Of HateEra of Hate was risen up from the ashes of Atrum Inferum in 2009, a project that spawned great, ideas but in the end fell apart in its infancy.
Tomaž and Jure have been the only two consistent members over the years, and while they are the visionaries behind the group's sound, songs, themes and imagery, they were joined by three exceptional musicians in 2011: Danjel on drums, Vid on bass and Peter on guitar. Together they pursue their vision of music and hope to bring their form of art to as many ears as possible.
The band released their first EP (Echoes of Truth) in 2010, their second EP (Void in What Remains) in 2011 and their most recent 4-song promotional demo in 2012, titled "All Beyond Reach". Their debute album will be released in summer of 2014. In the meantime, they are pursuing their endeavour to sign with a supportive music label and tour outside of mostly local venues.
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