Ephen RianEphen Rian is a smashing emo-screamo band from the Austrian skiing-village Großraming. Associated by a long-lasting friendship between the band members and their shared preference for highly emotional music, Ephen Rian was founded in may 2003 by Stefan, Klaus, Markus, Manuel and Peter. Inspired by bands such as Thrice or Thursday the band started writing songs right on. The five recorded their demo Heroes Don't Ask Why in 2004 and got featured instantly as "demo of the month august '04" in Germany's largest music magazine Visions. They already collected their first international reputations in 2004. Escape Of No Avail, their first single, advanced to be an underground smash-hit, released on compilations in Greece, Belgium, Holland, USA and Germany alongside with bands like Anti-flag, Circle Jerks, Thursday, 7 Seconds ... For Ephen Rian 2005 started very busy. The guys supported the British hardcore legends Tribute To Nothing on their Austrian tour and played gigs on this year's Eastpak's Pro Punkrocker Tour. Afterwards the band very successfully played their first shows in Germany. Their debut-EP The Special Referendum will be released in October 2005 on the Italian label Wynona Records (Vanilla Sky, Stinking Polecats). The 8 track mini-CD will be mastered at the Californian Capitol Studios where rock legends from the Beach Boys to Lenny Kravitz and also underground heroes like The Used or My Chemical Romance already recorded. From October 2005 on Ephen Rian will be touring Europe for three months. They will play 50 shows - concerts from South Italy to Latvia are already booked!
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