Entreat.Entreat began its existence sometime in the year 1997. It was created for one reason only, to fulfil persons involved in. They made a long turbulent way from those hazy times and the result is in front of you, their second album. Is this a step forward? Did they manage to catch a sparkle of life fire in their music? I think they did.
Entreat come from Slovenia. That doesn´t say much but you can perceive a taste of melancholic irony in their music coming from there. Clean tone guitars has mixed many music definitions and gave them the label emo-metal band. However their roots are far from there, in the north deep in Swedish hardcore and metal.
A meaningful turbulence for the band was the change of two members what has resulted as a turn in music orientation. After their 7" single and their debut album Shaded released by Choose Life Records the music has become harder, faster, more aggressive but still with that touch only Entreat can give. Still feeling the hardcore roots although their rhythm is getting to the limits.
Matjaž, Miloš, Patrik, Peter and Samo cruised through Europe several times what they described as their magical mystery tours. Each of them lead a separate life coming together in their need to light the fire and burn. The last two years they spent in their cube and at Alpha Omega studio in Italy where the new album was recorded by Entreat and Alex Azzalli.
Now finally out, from the well known Alpha Omega studio through the line of Moonlee Inc., their second album Deincubation. The name itself reflects the moment it came to the world. Entreat presents perceptions gathered from the past and mark new direction. They point the way they are going, taking the music with them.
Much more space to move and much more possibilities however means much more difficulties too. But as they say: The art of life is building yourself in a space without a single solid point.
»Ride through the desert of our lives my dear desperado.«
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