Enterprise Earth ENTERPRISE EARTH reemerges in 2021 with The Chosen, a masterpiece of monstrous brutality and enveloping ambiance. It is the band’s heaviest yet most diverse effort, with shifting attitude, vibe, and desperate aggression stitched throughout its songs.
“Where Dreams Are Broken” opens the album with a savage display of what’s in-store, from nearly unfathomable speed, buzzsaw guitars, and staccato punch to swinging sludgy swagger. It introduces clean vocals from Watson, which are heartfelt and authentic rather than saccharine or flowery. The Chosen boasts the new style throughout, in tasteful moments that serve the songs.
The album’s title track, clocking in at over eight and a half minutes, serves as an epic singular summary of the band’s many strengths. The Chosen is a genuinely diverse work, yet reliably uncompromising.
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