EnsiferumEnsiferum's music has always had folk elements in it and every now and then acoustic songs could be found on the albums. The idea of doing purely acoustic gigs came up years ago and finally in 2016 the band did several acoustic gigs in Finland and even recorded a DVD featuring the gig in Helsinki.
The whole idea of Ensiferum Acoustic is to bring a totally new aspect to Ensiferum's live performance. During the band's metal gigs it just never felt natural to suddenly change to acoustic instruments. Because there are quite a few acoustic songs that the band has made and fans kept on asking when those could be heard, Ensiferum accepted the challenge and came up with a setlist including songs that had never been played live and also rearranged some hit songs to fit the mood of an acoustic show.
Ensiferum has always been an energetic and entertaining live band but the acoustic version will take it all up to eleven. It's absolutely not “a night of ballads with Ensiferum” but an asskicking party with rare songs and lots of opportunities for the crowd to singalong, put up an acoustic moshpit, crowdsurf acousticly and unleash the acoustic party-animal within.
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