Enemy AllianceENEMY ALLIANCE is quite a new band mainly based in Malmo, in the very south of Sweden.
It all started back in 2005, as an idea shared by Daniel and Rodrigo, who had been talking about doing a project together for some time. At this point they were playing in separate bands, Venerea and Satanic Surfers respectively.
Both these bands have been among the most active and longest running of the Swedish melodic punk scene of the early 90's.
The actual band first took shape in January 2006 when Daniel, Fredrik and Rodrigo started rehearsing.
The plan was to play straight up energetic and sincere, melodic punk/hardcore with political/personal lyrics.
A few months later Mike and Flygare joined in and all the pieces started to fall into place.
With the demise of Satanic Surfers and the decision of putting Venerea on hold, everyone agreed that Enemy Alliance would be the main focus.
So for everyone who thought this was just a side-project, think again.
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