EmphasisThe name of the band is ‘Emphasis’, just because at first we did a lot of experimenting, especially in the early days, trying to learn what we like and generally how to express ourselves through music.After a couple of years we noticed that we were actually having lots of variations, where songs went from dead silence to ending somewhere in a very loud, spacey trauma or even sometimes in aggressive, melancholic parts.
A lots of times we tried to use ambient sounds and speeches from movies and documentaries.
The first demo, ‘Elements of Morrow’, was recorded in studio in just eight hours, and after a long period of time we managed to put ourselves together and finally record the first full album, named ‘Gliding Over All’.
Well, all the songs are connected to give some kind of a story and again, something that we as individuals experienced in that time period and which put us together again.
Eight songs, eight journeys, endings and ideas for further music making.
Simply, it’s like the life cycle, where everything is connected with something that we don’t often realize at first, and it turns out that once again everything goes in circles.(not necessarily, but often).
We also managed to visually present the story in our abstract way on the cover design.
We will release the album ‘Gliding Over All’ through Geenger Records.
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