Embryonic DevourmentGrinding brutality, in its own unique form, shredding the minds of all alike from the close-minded, and feeble, to the strongest of free thinkers... Embryonic Devourment formed as a two piece band in early 2003 with founding members Lauren Pike(guitar) and Luke Boutiette(drums). After 8 months of writing and playing they agreed to add former members of another local band, Johnny Helvete (vocals) and Austin Spence(bass). In November/December 2003 they went into Trident Studios and recorded the brutally acclaimed 5 song EP "Beheaded by Volition", recorded and engineered by Juan Urteaga of the band Vile, which quickly got them signed to Grotesque Music, out of Spain. The release immediately received media attention in worldwide publications such as Pit Magazine, Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, Metal Pages, Bast Magazine, and several zines and online sites. . The band received airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio, college radio stations, fm stations, and was mentioned in many of their local newspapers.
In February '05, Embryonic Devourment parted ways with Johnny Helvete, as he went on to start a career and a family, and had Austin Spence take over on vocals along with his bass duties instead. The band continued to shred and brutalize, with new material constantly being created on an overtly technical level. Meanwhile, with all the promotion and sales that was happening the band was really starting to gain a steady following worldwide. In mid 2007 Embryonic Devourment finished recording their debut full length album entitled “Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy”, recorded and engineered by Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth, and mastered by Colin Davis of Vile. The new full length was quickly signed and released in Febuary 2008 on Deepsend Records. This was followed by an intense promotion campaign which included interviews and reviews in major metal magazines such as Metal Maniacs, Pit Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, online zines etc. The release also received major in store distribution with a company called Lumberjack Mordam which helped the band get their music into stores like Rasputin, Amoeba Records, Best Buy, and hundreds more including online digital stores. The band, label, and distributor pushed the release hard and sold out of 2 cd pressings, appeared on various compilations and splits, and is still selling well. The band decided to add an additional guitar player to expand songwriting possibilities and make the live set sound bigger. Adam Weber was a longtime friend and by far the best choice in a land where few good deathmetal guitarists are available, and quickly meshed with the band on every level. The new lineup embarked on 24 day U.S. tour with Insidious Decrepancy in March of 2008 and another 23 days around the U.S. in Mar. 2009 with Lecherous Nocturne. The tours and video were a huge success and helped establish the band a deeply carved niche in the underground metal scene.
In 2010, the band released their 2nd full length album titled “Vivid Interpretations Of The Void” and have since played a number of west coast shows and fests, and prepared for a chance to tour extensively again.
In January, 2012, Embryonic Devourment joined forces with the esteemed management company Extreme Management Group, who has worked dilligently behind the scenes for some of today's finest and most respected death metal artists. The band plans to tour at least once in 2012, and is currently finishing the writing process for a 3rd full length, with title and art to be determined in the coming months, and should be ready to record the album later in the year. The members of Embryonic Devourment want to take their band as far as it can go, and feel that their angular, oddly unique brand of death metal is capable of penetrating the minds of all who dare to listen, and they will not stop until they are satisfied.
Over the past 9 years Embryonic Devourment has shared the stage and toured with dozens of the finest death metal bands in the world such including Origin, Decrepit Birth, Atheist, Suffocation, Carcass, Sadus, Obituary, Possessed, Asesino, Cannibal Corpse, Thine Eyes Bleed, Exodus,Repulsion, Psycroptic, Vile, Rings of Saturn, Arkaik, The Faceless, Pig Destroyer, Exhumed, Unmerciful, Severed Savior, Odious Mortem, Deeds of Flesh, Reciprocal, Cephalic Carnage, Braindrill, Sleep Terror, Anal Blast, Anal Cunt, Skitzo, Inherit Disease, To Violently Vomit,Putrid Pile, Wretch, Insidious Decrepancy, Oops I Stepped in Some Christ, and many others besides. They have also played with literally hundreds of local acts from all over California, the West Coast, and the rest of the U.S. as well.
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