EightBombEightBomb was formed for a one time only gig in Novo Mesto when it turned out that the band that was booked couldn't make it. Frontman Jure had a gig with his other band "Crybaby", but found himself suddenly short of a bass player and a guitarist. He decided to call Ales, then doublebass player of the "Lucky Cupids" and a Dutch guy he'd recently met (that was living in Ljubljana) that was also playing slapbass in yet another rockabilly band, "Secondhand Heroes" and used to play in Amsterdam band "Hi-Dramatic". He knew that Loz was also a guitarist (and was looking for a band to play guitar in) and he figured maybe he could do the gig with them. Unfortunately Crybaby's drummer didn't feel like it, so the drummerless trio gathered in Ales' kitchen and started playing all the covers that they knew. After 3 songs the guys looked at each other and knew that this gig was gonna be a special one. This was rockabilly, but with Loz's driving guitar it was gonna be a little different then Crybaby's or the 'Cupids' style. They practised two or three times, packed up their small amp's and played a wild and fabulous gig, to the amazement of the audience that consisted mainly of friends and fellow rockabillies and swingers. After this gig they got drunk and started planning their next move, as it was clear that a new band had arrived. It was decide to try and find a drummer and to stop playing all the covers as quickly as possible (as they were mostly Crybaby's repertoire) and EightBomb was born... More small gigs followed and for three of the bigger ones The Dado (guitarist of surfband The Bitch Boys) agreed to play the drums. Eightbomb played with great succes in Slovenia, most notably in Metelkova's Gromke club and on Wheelsmania, a custum/oldtimer carshow, but the hunt for a regular drummer continued. One was found in another guitarist, Davor. EightBomb started to practise very seriously and within a couple of months recorded and released an EPCD called "Perfect Picture" with 5 original songs. A presentation gig in Ljubljana's Ortobar proved that there was a place for hardhitting dark neo-rockabilly as the EP was almost sold out right there and then. Unlike Crybaby and The Lucky Cupids, EightBomb doesn't play 50's rockabilly, but is powered by influences that range from punk al the way back to jazz. Jure's voice can lay down a small and smooth jazzy vocal (Tinbox Blues) but will also belt out that he's 'feeling viscious' and snarl, claw, rip and tear his way through the lyrics which makes it easier for Loz, since he contributes most of the songs and lyrics. Currently the band is writing a lot of songs, picking a choice cover here and there, practising as much as possible with a new drummer Damir Iglicar (The Bitch Boys), planning to record a full lenght cd (hopefully early '06) and playing all the gigs they can.
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